Start Accomodating the disabled in technology education

Accomodating the disabled in technology education

The Libraries Coordinator for Services to Disabled Students, Jean Winkler, has worked with a team of highly motivated library staff to integrate adaptive technologies into library service and provide one-on-one assistance to students to facilitate their use of the Libraries.

Without the support of the entire department, many of these accommodations would not be possible to achieve.

On many occasions and for many students, the Veterinary Medicine program has worked closely with our office to determine and provide the most beneficial accommodation for a student within the unusual conditions inherent in the program.

This strong partnership with CDSA is important to the Libraries and is reflective of the importance of the Libraries to the CDSA.

Without the support and cooperation of the entire program, the dreams these students have of becoming veterinarians would be much more difficult to attempt.

The following are the winning nominations for the RDS Outstanding Effort Award for the category of Department.

This department has made many changes over the last year in their reorganization and remodeling.

While this goal seems ordinary enough, one of the primary obstacles to accomplishing it was the attitude of the insurance company that was to finance the cost of the rebuilding.