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Compatibility dating

When two people are compatible, they enjoy each other's company and find it easy to talk to one another.

The key to arguing in a relationship is finding a solution to the argument that both people can deal with and accept.

If an argument goes unresolved because either person is unable to compromise, compatibility issues begin to arise.

You cherish the person for who he or she is and respect his or her differences.

It may take a few dates to find someone you mesh with the way you want to but in time, you will find a compatible soul mate.

These couples find something they are missing in the other person, which keeps the relationship thriving.

Many people who have relationship problems wonder, what is compatibility in a relationship?

The reason for this is that these types of couples find differences intriguing and they appreciate each other for them.

Respect for each other's views and opinions are important in this type of relationship.

Screen your partner for compatibility in these critical categories: Chemistry: Chemistry is the foundation for every relationship. Is dating someone of lesser intelligence an option? Appearance: Are you meticulously groomed or coolly unkempt?

Humor: A shared sense of humor is beneficial to all relationships. If South Park has you doubled-over in hysterics, and your partner is watching with disdain, decide if a similar sense of humor is important. Marriage / Children: Is marriage and children a desired life goal? The issue of marriage and children is the non-negotiable.

However, if your significant other is different from you, it doesn't always mean you are not compatible with him or her.