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Been told very social and fun and pretty funny most of the time. Love cooking and long lunches- out with my friends.. I work smart and hard in my job , trying to work better on the smart these days... I love movies, especially Morgan Freeman and action stuff, been known to enjoy foreign movies also. I'm shy in person and dont talk very much until I get warmed up. Love to study languages, make cloth dolls and animals,embroidery,as well as origami animals.

Greatly enjoy reading classical literature as well.

I am the kind of person who could go into the woods and live there for weeks on end and enjoy it.

I was born with spastic, Cerebral Palsy and was relatively stuck in a...

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Looking for an open-minded, sincere lady, for online chats, pen-pals (email), for an online emotional/intellectual intimacy companionship.

Life is so hard at times when you have to go at it alone but so much more vibrant, rewarding, enjoyable and more comfortable when you have someone in your life who totally "gets, you." genuine cares understands you and is open, and whom will be able to share back with you.

I'm pretty easy to get to know and all you have to do is try or even just ask me a question or two... I'm very friendly and polite, probably one of the nicest people that you will ever meet.