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It isn't a good security practice to disable junk email filtering.

Junk email can strain networks, clog email servers, and fill mailboxes with unwanted messages and images.

The server that hosts your mailbox will filter out most junk email, but not always all of it.

The junk email filter gives precedence to email addresses over domains when it checks incoming messages.

For example, suppose the domain is on your Blocked Senders List and the address [email protected] on your Safe Senders List.

If you change any other Junk Email settings, you need to click Save to save your new settings.

If you don't click Save before you leave the Junk Email page in Options, you'll be prompted to either click Cancel to remain on the page or click OK to leave the page without saving your changes.

Selecting this option enables your mailbox to filter email messages using the Safe Senders List, Blocked Senders List, and Safe Recipients List.

After a message is identified as suspected junk email, it's moved to the Junk Email folder.

In this blogpost, we’re going to talk about an issue I’m passionate about. You may have tried to google what the Bible says about dating and found yourself in a whirlwind of scriptures about harlots and prostitutes and verses like “” This time around, we’re going to look at the book of Song of Solomon.

) I know, it can be weird, it can be a touchy subject, and Christians have all kinds of ideas and beliefs about it from courting, to dating, to “dourting”, to kissing dating goodbye.

So if you’re thinking about asking someone out, or someone has asked you out, start with the fundamental, basic question: Are you attracted?