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Springhillls Bally Sensation (14.1hh) dark skewbald 2005 by Springhill Bally Bay (CHAPS elite graded stallion).

Improved Dressage: More specific training for the role a horse fills. A basic facility with jumping is assumed to be a part of the training of normal riding horses, but some mounts are unusually good jumpers. Robust: A healthy horse, with strong bones and good structure. Gives Running (Optional Speciality: Racing) at HT 1.

Familiarity penalties may apply when used outside this speciality. Roll against the speciality when using Contests of Running skill to determine the winner of a race. Improved Course Running: Typical for a racing horse that competes in series races.

Both are treated the same for game purposes, but a GM may restrict some of them to horses with bloodlines that support them.

If the GM allows a given trait to be trainable, the construction rules are a good place to start to determine the time.

This is particularly likely for breeds that are slightly smaller than average, even though they may be equally strong as larger horses.

Such a horse might only cost half of the final price determined by his qualities, but his progeny would be hard to sell and reaction modifiers would certainly apply for anyone riding such a horse when his social status would demand a more suitable mount.

In addition, fast and nimble horses seldom go past a certain size and the strongest horses seldom have good endurance.