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MM spoke to Sam Foakes, LTA Regional Tennis Manager, to find out more…

We’re hoping that this investment will give lots of opportunities for locals across the city.

The weather in the UK and specifically the North-West is often unpleasant.

In 2015 Michael Downey said in an interview with the Guardian that tennis in Britain was on the decline, do you think that this is still the case?

As an organisation we have recognised a trend over a number of years that the number of people playing tennis in the UK is declining.

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What does more funding for tennis in Manchester mean for the city?

The types of projects we’ve been looking to invest into could be in clubs, the park environment, education venues or any community venue that come up with a way to bring tennis into the area using their initiative.

The funding will go into a number of areas but there is a focus to double the number of covered courts across the country as well doubling the number of floodlit courts in order for the public to have year round playability, as well as improving in existing facilities in order to rejuvenate courts and clubhouses to make the whole playing experience better.

There will also be investment into accessible technology, a way of booking onto the courts with ease so that people are able to access the courts when they want year round.

There will also be a focus of the investment to try and get more covered provisions locally in the Manchester area.