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Funny intimidating questions

I just found out my mother has Alzheimer's and is living in a nursing home. And now my half-brother is taking over and won't let me visit her. I'm assuming you've already had the hard conversation -- very tightly focused on what's best for your mother -- with the half-brother who is hell-bent on blocking your access to her. You may be able to find out specifics about his concerns that will help you all be able to pull together rather than be torn farther apart during this difficult time.

We deal with patients who are at a point in life they can no longer be care for at home.

I experienced something similar when my husband was in a 2 week coma and later recovering.

Family members posted a 24 hr private nurse and I was never allowed to be alone with my husband (then fiance).

The tables turned and while he was still allowed to see his mother, he was no longer in control of her life.

His visits were limited to four hours a week by the judge.

Many nursing homes also have family councils or dispute resolution panels that help resolve conflicts that involve their residents.

If your heart tells you it's time to try to make amends with your mother, then persevere, no matter how difficult it may seem. Your half-brother to me sounds like he is up to no-GOOD? You have every right to visit your mother--unless you are a danger to her (like threatened her, harrassed her, etc)... We have several families that have issues going on and requests that certain family members be banned or refused entrance to see a parent. If your Mother is in a facility that accepts Medicare or Medicaid, it is an open facility.

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