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How to overcome an intimidating boss

If these tips don’t do the trick for you, head over to Bob Sutton’s blog, Work Matters.

Try not to generalize the negativity to your entire life.

Get with someone who will tell you how great you are. But in my experience, if you are feeling the chill from an intimidating boss, then others up and down the organization are, too. If you feel stupid, usually it shows up first in your tone of voice – and then translates to the rest of your body. It can also be something that you refer others to when they are questioning your abilities.6. Okay, here’s a crazy idea: ask your boss what you can do to improve your performance.

Or, do what I do, which is to furiously write them down into a notebook that no one will ever see. And it usually comes back to haunt the bad boss later on. Keep showing up every day and looking for opportunities to shine. When you are feeling stupid, it’s usually easier to run away and hide under a rock – or cubicle. Sometimes your commitment to overcome will have to precede your attitude. If your boss is so all up in your face, why not be proactive and face it head on?

This good Google fortune is driven from a couple of posts I wrote dealing with the subject of “feeling stupid at work.” These have led to numerous comments, private emails, and even some behind-the-scenes counseling from good people in bad situations looking for some advice.

Apparently, I have captured a micro-audience of tortured souls dealing with the unpleasant challenge of facing a brutish boss every day. Their story is almost always the same: a once-confident worker is suddenly thrust into a new situation with an intimidating boss, and instead of rising to the challenge, a downward spiral ensues of little mistakes, negative self-talk, more fumbling, obsessive rumination and complete loss of confidence.

Excluding and ignoring people and their contribution, unacceptable criticisms and overloading people with work are other forms of bullying. You lose all faith in yourself, you can feel ill and depressed, and find it hard to motivate yourself to work.

Bullying isn't always a case of someone picking on the weak. Bullying is serious, and you need to let people know what's happening so they can help you.

Or, you could always prove your boss completely wrong. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can get the Kindle app installed for free on your i-pad, i-phone, or home computer, and read it from there.