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Inuyasha dating sim game

Yet she hadn't been prepared for how much changed since leaving, and nothing had made that clearer to her than Inuyasha remaining exactly the same.

Now all she wanted was to find something that could connect her back with this world again.

Kagome grinned, her bad mood disappearing like rain clouds dispersing after a storm.

They hugged while Inuyasha stood aside, ignoring their idle chatter and picking up a scent that had his bad mood plummeting into a foul one."My lady Kagome, how good of you to grace us with your presence once again." Miroku smiled easily, but Kagome suddenly felt a stab of guilt for staying away a little longer than planned."I'm sorry guys, I guess I've just been a bit caught up in things lately.

She had to start all over again."Oi, Kagome are you listening? Unfortunately one of the village's occupants wasn't sharing their good mood as he wiped the remaining grass stains from his clothes."Will you cut that out already? " Inuyasha looked at the tense shoulders of the former shard detector as she walked on ahead and felt his ears lie flat.

He knew it probably wasn't wise to push her, but he couldn't understand what was so important about a game of all things.

As she walked up the hill from their home, the cries of laughter from the children rang in her ears, making her smile turn wistful. The three year gap of when Kagome had been stuck in the future hadn't divided their friendship, but it had changed things.

Something tightened in her chest, and she knew that this was part of the reason she'd been staying at home allot recently. Sango and Miroku had gotten married and had children, Shippo was learning techniques about fox magic and Inuyasha was finally happy after avenging his lost love. She'd missed Sangos pregnancies, Miroku learning to become a father, Shippos achievements and growth.

Without the threat of Naraku to face and no evil to conquer, Kagome knew she should be enjoying her happily ever after, but without that 'something' she felt removed from her friends happiness and feared she always would.