Start Warez automatic updating of drivers device

Warez automatic updating of drivers device

If you’re a computer technician, the computer geek in your street or just a user who likes to play around with Windows, something you’ll face quite often is re-installing the operating system.

The program bases itself around the popular Driver Packs set of compressed drivers which are packed with 7-Zip and contain thousands of different drivers for just about any piece of hardware.

Driver Pack Solution comes in two flavors, a Lite version and a DVD version.

The Lite version is only around 10MB and doesn’t include any driverpacks, you select which packs you want from the program and they download via bittorrent.

The DVD version comes as a 4GB pre-built ISO image with all the driverpacks included which you download also via Bit Torrent and burn to a DVD disc.

Once you have all the needed Driver Packs, they need to be copied into the correct folders inside the SAD folder.

There will be an example dummy 7z file in each folder.4.

The system cleanup and antivirus options are really nothing more than affiliate links to other 3rd party software.